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        1. General Information
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          History of Sangsin Brake, chronicle of Korean brake industry

          Welcome to the official website of Sangsin Brake (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. We hope sincerely that these pages will help you get to know us a step further. Since the establishment in 2002, our development has been very steady and scale has been expanding continuously. This should be credited to the concern and support of our old and new customers as well as the efforts of all employees.

          Our company's product quality and enthusiastic service attitude have been long-tested by the market. In the rapid contemporary development of market economy and increasingly fierce market competition, we will continue to strengthen quality management, improve production technology, and realise the whole process quality control system.

          Looking back at the past, we are proud that we have produced so many satisfying brake products for the market. Looking ahead, we are full of confidence and strength for our future. We are determined to continue to carry on the spirit of arduous entrepreneurship and aim to conquer the new peaks of brake industry. We believe that only by focusing our attention on the whole society can we succeed, and only by devoting all our love to the market can our life and career be meaningful. Plowing carefully, we plant our feet firmly on the ground; minding the world, we aspire for high and grand. We will uphold integrity and cooperate with our customers with an open mind. We are prepared for the cooperation to come, and willing to create a glorious tomorrow together.